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Muleshoe, Texas

Ariel photograph of dairy cows at Tejas Dunes Dairy in Muleshoe, Texas

Owners Richard and Stacy Carter believe in the organic farming methods that have made them successful stewards of the Earth. They have seen first-hand the benefits of the organic way of life, including better soil fertility, improved animal welfare and a healthier end product.   

They began farming in 2003, growing organic feed, then added organic dairy farming in 2012. Tejas Dunes Dairy is located at an altitude of 4,000 feet, on the high plains of west Texas, where warm days encourage crop growth and cool nights provide optimal cow comfort. The farm exceeds organic pasture requirements and is able to grow much of the feed the herds require, making Tejas Dunes more self-sustainable.

With an ideal location and effective use of organic and sustainable practices, Tejas Dunes Dairy looks forward to generations of successful family farming.

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