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Petaluma, California

Happy cows grazing on green grass at organic Mello Family Dairy Farms in Sonoma County, CA.

Dairy farming has been in the Mello family for generations.


When Albert Mello Sr. and his wife Cecilia bought their Santa Rosa dairy farm in 1954, they were a second generation Sonoma County dairy family. Today Albert’s son, Albert Jr. along with his wife Vicki, cares for 275 cows at Mello Dairy.


Just next door to Mello Dairy, Vicki and Albert Jr.’s son Mike runs Mello Farms with his wife Trisha and their three daughters.

In 2014 Vicki and Albert Jr.’s younger son Steven opened Llano Oaks Dairy, just two miles down the road from Mello Dairy and Mello Farms.  

In the mild climate of Sonoma County, Mello family cows enjoy lush green pasture along with organic oat hay grown on Mello farms. All three farms are certified organic and the Holstein and Jersey cows in their herds were all born and raised on Mello family farmland.

With three farms, the Mello family has come a long way from the eleven cows they started with in 1979. The Mello family believes in taking care of the animals and working hard to produce the highest quality milk possible.  They look forward to a long and healthy partnership between their family of farms and the customers of Organic Family Farms Co-operative.

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