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Organic milk is amazing. But we go beyond.

Our farms go beyond minimum requirements to meet demanding certifications. But honestly, caring for our farms and animals the right way is what we would do even if no one was looking.   


On a dairy farm, USDA organic certification means the animals must be allowed freedom of movement, fresh air, sunlight and lots of grazing time. The land where they live and pasture must be fully organic and their feed must qualify for organic certification too. These standards ensure healthier, happier cows living and grazing on fertile land free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.


Every farm in the Organic Family Farms COOP exceeds these already high standards and each farm is certified by the USDA each year.

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NON GMO verified certification logo

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Because our farms are all certified organic, GMO feed is not allowed. But we go one step further and certify each of our farms though the Non-GMO Project. Their third-party verification ensures our farms are part of a safer food supply and a non-GMO future.

All farms in our COOP are proudly certified by the Non-GMO Project.

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Validus is a third-party auditing program that makes sure our farms meet high standards for animal welfare.  Their yearly on-farm assessment verifies that our animal welfare practices meet strict criteria in the areas of herd health, proper handling, animal comfort and housing standards.  

Every farm in our COOP is regularly Validus Certified.

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