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Cow logo for Organic Family Farms dairy co-op


Petaluma, California

Cows roaming grass hills of Petaluma, California at organic Bianchi Dairy

The Bianchi family has been raising dairy cows on California’s north coast since the 1800s.


Father and son team George and Bill Bianchi are fourth and fifth generation dairy men who believe in the importance of being stewards of the land and using the best animal husbandry practices for the health and well being of their cows.

Bianchi Dairy transitioned to organic milk production in 2006. Their farm, located in Sonoma County, with the Pacific Ocean just 30 minutes away, enjoys the ideal climate for growing lush pastures and ensuring the year-round comfort of the cows.


Today the Bianchis manage over 1,200 acres of organic pasture and farmland. They are committed to ensuring their farm will provide high quality organic milk for generations to come.  

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