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Logo for Organic Family Farms Dairy COOP

We are a cooperative of family-operated organic dairy farms. Our goal is to produce and provide high quality, high component organic milk to our customers.

As a cooperative, we are jointly-owned and managed. Each of our farms combines resources  and shares generations of knowledge in a mutually beneficial association.


By joining together, we are supporting an important farming heritage, and ensuring family farms remain sustainable in today’s competitive market. Get to know our people. 


With a dispersed and growing network of farms nationwide, we are able to deliver fresh organic milk to our customers, no matter their location. Learn more about our current member farms.

Organic Family Farms Cooperative produces nutritious organic milk from high quality farms.  We provide our products to customers across the continental US.


  • High Component Organic Raw Milk (tankers)

  • Organic non-fat dry milk powder

  • Organic Cream


 Call or email us below to learn more.

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